Turners (key, tap)


Whether you have difficulty opening the front door or having trouble turning off that difficult tap, here you will find our key turners and tap turners, just to make life that little bit easier!

3-5 Days

Easiturn Tap Turners


Long, easy to hold handles make turning taps much easier


These tap turners simply clip on easily to crosshead style taps.

Made from durable high quality plastic and are supplied as a pair, one blue and one red turner.

Braille "C" and "H" symbols make identification of hot and cold taps easier - ideal for those with visual impairments.

These are ideal if you have arthritis, weak hands or poor grip

3-5 Days

Key Turners

The Homecraft key turners have generous curved built up handles for holding keys. They provide an easy grip and good leverage for turning any Yale or mortice type door key.

The two and three key turners feature a locking lever that allows keys to be folded into the handle when not in use.